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Advisory Regarding Safety of your Ward

Dear Parents, 

Safety and security of the children has always been the prime concern for us and for that school management is always trying its best for the interest of your ward, but it is possible only if your entire cooperation will along with the school. In the interest of the security of your ward parents are requested to adhere to the following guidelines issued by the school –

·        Parents who come to pick their wards are advised to come 10 minutes before or end of the school to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

·        Students who come on their own should be instructed by the parents not to stop anywhere or go with any strangers on the way. They should go their home directly.  

·        Parents of the children using private vehicles should ensure that drivers must have proper police verification/police driving license etc.

·        Parents must be very particular that the private vehicle which is used must not be over crowded. It is observed that most of the vehicles are overcrowded, which is threat to the safety of the children.

·        Incase your parents designated  auto/van is not coming on a certain day and parents are coming to pick up their ward, the school must be informed by the parents in writing in advance. Parents should also direct their ward to wait at the school reception.

·        Students are not allowed to go to their home in between the school hours. In case of emergency only parents/guardian should come to pick up their ward from the school.

·        If you call your ward from the school during the school hours please inform to the concerned driver of auto/van on to avoid any inconvenience. (If your ward comes to school by auto/van)

·        In case of an emergency when parents are unavailable, an immediate family members must carry an identity and of your ward to pick up from the school. Don't send your distant relatives/servants for collecting your child.

·        If the child doesn't reach the home at the scheduled time, please call the concerned Auto/Van driver on his mobile and ensure his location.

·        Tiffin or any other material will not be delivered to the students during classes. Please don't ask at the gate for the same.

·        Parents are requested to spend quality time with their wards, so that they do not hesitate in sharing any incident which makes them uncomfortable. We request you to develop a strong bond with your ward that empowers them to be able to discuss issues on daily basis. Do listen to your child patiently and keep the school informed for any precautionary and preventive steps to be taken for the well being of the children.

·        Parents are advised to keep a watch on their children while they are using Internet, Mobile phone etc.

·        Parents are also requested to check and monitor behavioral changes of your ward. 

·        It is Mandatory to intimate the school office regarding any change in address or Mobile no of the patents.


No security is complete without the active support and advice of the parents. We seek your support in providing a safe environment to our children far which your valuable suggestion are always welcomed.