Mile Stone 135 Shanti Kunj Tala Road Baderi Umaria (M.P.) 484661

From the Desk of Principal

Central Academy Umaria place where our students thrive in an environment of collective pride and achievement. The school is dedicated meticulously for not only academic development but also for the development of ethics. I firmly believe, while envisaging about a successful society and thus a nationwhich is held strong we know it is a combination of knowledge and morality and this is what we do here at this school. We incorporate knowledge with sacraments and thus make it wisdom.Here at CAU we are resolute to educate a ward not just to make him literate only. We nurture the qualities that are latent in everyone that is leadership qualities along with team spirit.

On this note I thank every member of the school family who is part of our journey and I wish all the very best to our students for their future endeavours.