Mile Stone 135 Shanti Kunj Tala Road Baderi Umaria (M.P.) 484661

Our Mission

Central Academy is dedicated to the development of wholesome foundation for a generation which will mould the destiny of our country in the 21st Century. It is an institution with its eyes firmly focused on the future. The school aims to build the present day children into a strong confident, committed lot, who while having a reverence for India's rich legacy and heritage, are able to successfully cope with the rapidly changing world. The school believes that freedom of spirit and zeal for discovery are as important as the need for discipline and a sense of duty. We aim to develop both mind and body of the child and strongly emphasize the need for an all-round development of his/her personality. There is a constant endeavour at the school to provide a perfect environment in which the child can develop his/her abilities and skills so as to explore himself/herself and blossom into a good human being. The school also aims to give the child a competitive edge for him/her to etch out a place for himself in the society. The school believes, in a search for excellence and there is no compromise with standard. Through a corps of highly dedicated and qualified team of teachers, with the latest teaching techniques and equipment, round the year competitions and programmes with a strong emphasis on sport, debates, dramatics, various quiz programmes etc. We are confident of transmitting out aim of excellence into the young minds of the children who grow up with us. The school aims to provide quality education to the masses by establishing branches all over the country.